“Loved by the Sun”

Sun Elves

Sun elves are less common near the kingdoms of man than moon elves. Most have ascended to Elaurien, where nonelves are not allowed. Also called gold elves, they have bronze skin, golden blond, copper, or red hair, and green or gold eyes. These are seen as the most civilized and haughty elves, preferring to remain separate from nonelven races.

Regions: Though most have ascended to Elaurien, some sun elf communities can still be found in remote forests and woodlands of the southern continents and in the western portion of the northern continent.

Racial Abilities
These traits are in addition to moon elf traits, except where noted.

• +2 Intelligence, –2 Constitution. Sun elves value study and con- templation over the feats of agility learned by most other elves.

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