The Kindred Lands

The last great empire of men, the Sembrian Empire fell about 4 centuries ago. While at its height, it encompassed many of what would go on to be the kingdoms of today. These are now called “The Kindred Lands” because they all share the common tongue and many of the same customs and practices. Whether as provinces or vassal states, willing subjects or conquered peoples, they all came to benefit from the stability and efficiency Sembrian rule. The empire’s vast network of roads has been maintained by most of these provinces at least to some degree, so these kingdoms remain more connected than those surrounding them. This has caused a kind of standardization to persist beyond the reign of the emporers. Because of this, today, a traveler from Rhalessa or Calimbria can expect to find familiar accommodations, language, and customs in Timunkar though it lies thousands of miles away.







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The Kindred Lands

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