Sembrian Empire

1,660 independence
1st emperor
924 1st Avralorian Campaign
883 2nd Avralorian Campaign
864 Belegras retakes Bridgeport
881 3rd Avralorian campaign; Avralor conquered
861 Bridgeport destroyed
854 Galados Conquered
849 Southern Galados cleansed
462 Avralorian Departure
18 Cerephas the Chosen
0 Cataclysm

Historic Figures

The last great empire of men before The Days of Despair. Sembria began as a good and powerful nation that appeared to be blessed by the gods. It’s development was held in check by the necromancers of the fading Luxian empire. Around the year PC 3500 The people of Sembria overthrow their archmage ruler. They are lead by Damerius, a warrior and faithful servant of the gods of light. He leads a holy crusade to destroy the satellite batteries. Other nations join under his banner. The shattered empire soon falls to this new holy power piece by piece over several generations under the holy rule of Sembrian kingpriests. The people of the world are wary of magic after the rule of Lux, and following the pious example of the now dominant Sembrians, they turn to the worship of Sol, god of light. Over the next few centuries, whether by choice or not, many lands come under the rule of Sembria which has turned into an empire. One after the other, the emporers of Sembria add to what would become a vast network of roads, the likes of which had never been seen. The people under Sembrian rule come to benefit from the protection and stability of the empire. What is now called the common tongue spreads throughout the world and many barbarians become educated as Sembrian ways become the standard. In time, the emporers of Sembria begin to be more and more involved in governing the powerful temple of Sol. Eventually, the office of magic is outlawed altogether. Many remnants of the Luxian schools of magic resist but are forced to continue in secrecy. Sembrian inquisitors seek out practitioners of magic. They destroy any magical writings and objects they can find. Many of the more powerful of these are stored in secret for safekeeping and further study before they are destroyed. Meanwhile, the empire expands, driving out the monstrous races and pushing into their lands.

Under the rule of Dravian the Exalted Sembria declares war on the elven nations since the elves refuse to submit to the Sembrian holy laws. The elves scatter. In their absence, a great tide of allied monsters descends and deals the Sembrians a massive defeat at (). Waves of monsters pour down from the northern wastes. -A great mountain falls from the sky directly onto (Sembria’s capital city) decimating it. The massive impact caused tidal waves, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and all kinds of tectonic activity. A great cloud of dust blackens the sky. The world will soon plunge into an ice age.- The monstrous alliance to the north disbands and spreads throughout the land sacking cities and plundering the countryside. Without the central power of the empire, human warlords vie for power. War spreads like wildfire. A demonic and accursed army is soon seen marching the land. Death and undeath followed in their footsteps. Soon the warring nations were stilled by the horror of the Weeping Plague.

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Sembrian Empire

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