Session 17
Reunion; Tousice

Satrillon 12th
The party decides to part ways for awhile before meeting up again at the Black Sheep Inn in Endhome.

Veran 10th (28 days later)
While waiting for the others to arrive, the first PCs waiting at the inn hear that the disappearances in the slums have slowly started back up. When Kat and Regnar arrive, the party discuss their options and decide to head into the sewers to investigate the wererat warren. As they near their destination, Kat hears a sound behind them. It appears as though someone is stealthily following them. Sienna aims a sleep spell at the figure. It falls to the ground asleep. Advancing toward the sleeping creature, they recognize the human form of the wererat leader Tousant. Kat binds his hands, then wakes him. The party question the lycanthrope. He admits to abducting people for the Pulantis, but he doesn’t seem to know (or care) much about the family or what happened to the people he delivered. He says he saw one of the Pulantis once and that something wasn’t quite right about the nobleman’s appearance. When Tousant realizes the party intends to take him to the authorities, he tries to suggest that they work together. He believes the Pulantis want him dead now that he’s failed to bring them more people. He tells the PCs that he wants the family brought down as much as they do. Thoven questions him further about what he has to offer. Tousant says he may be able to set up a meeting with them to set them up for an ambush. As the party discuss further what to do, the wererat changes form and breaks the ropes binding his wrists. Sienna tries to put him to sleep again, but he resists. He runs off attempting to escape, but is tackled by Vaelk. The rest of the party catch up, and after a lengthy struggle are able to pile up on him until he is subdued. Thoven questions him further. Again, the wererat suggest they cooperate. Thoven notices that although he seems sincere on the idea of cooperating, he seems nervous when asked about what he actually has to offer. After much discussion, the issue is finally decided by Vaelk who executes the lycanthrope.

The party emerges from the sewer. They spend the rest of the day gathering information on the Pulantis. They learn that the Pulantis have been in Endhome as far back as anyone can remember. No one knows how they make their money, but most people figure it’s shady business. No one ever seems to see them. There are many wild rumors going around about them. Some say they are afflicted with a hereditary madness, others say they’re vampires. Others say they have dealing with demons or some other fiends. Many others believe these stories are wild speculation. They don’t seem to have any real enemies in the city. Kat tries to recall all she knows about vampires. It occurs to her that when Regnar fell under the spell that made him attack his allies, it very much resembled the domination effect vampires are said to be able to inflict.

Session 16
Gilda's Quest

Satrillon 11 (cont.)

The party decides to return to Gilda to help her find the mysterious holy site in the Pennprie Forest. Just off the road, they come across a half-orc lying on the ground. They try to wake him, but he seems to be unconscious. Thoven changes his aura to grant the stranger some healing. After a few moments, the half-orc awakens. He explains that he had tried to find work in Endhome. When that didn’t work out because of his race, he joined up with a group of adventurers. They headed into the Duskmoon Hills seeking adventure. They explored a cave, but were overwhelmed by zombies and ghouls. The others fled and left him for dead. He was barely able to escape. He managed to camp out in the Duskmoon Hills long enough to recover from his wounds, then he took the road back to Endhome. He collapsed from exhaustion where the party found him, and likely would have died had they not found him. He thanks them for their help and feels obligated to help them with whatever they’re trying to do. The Dwarves in the party are reluctant to trust a half-orc, but after some debate it is decided to let him join. They continue walking toward the forest and make camp just outside.

The next day, the party head into the Pennprie Forest. A few hours in, they’re attacked by a hungry owlbear. Sienna attempts to put it to sleep, but the creature is able to resist the spell. It rushes through the undergrowth at them and claws at Kat. Regnar casts a spell at it that causes it to turn away in fear. It avoids attacks from Kat and Vielk, takes a bolt from Sienna, then flees from the party. They continue shooting at it. Sienna tries to put it to sleep once more and succeeds this time. Thoven finishes off the creature. The party continue making their way to Gilda’s Hut. They arrive near nightfall, but The druidess isn’t home. They rest in her home.

The next morning, Gilda returns and happily greets the party. She is excited to finally explore the mysterious site. She prepares for the journey, then her and her wolf companion join the party as they set off through the forest heading north.

After several days of travel, the party reach the area indicated by the sylvan runes to be the location of the shrine. They spend a few hours searching, and soon find a doorway. Inscribed over the doorway in ancient Sylvan is a prayer to a hybrid form of Eone. Thoven enters and finds a large room filled with stone sarcophagi. All of them have been opened. He examines them, but only finds some bones and a rats nest. He does find a trapdoor in the floor to the northeast. The smell of decaying flesh comes from the shaft below. Thoven heads down using the handholds carved into the walls. He sees a short corridor heading north. He heads down that and looks around the corner. He sees a 40 foot corridor heading east. It ends in a door. Two 3 foot tunnels form an intersection with the corridor halfway down. The remains of several creatures are scattered on the floor at this intersection. Thoven reports back to the party and they come down to join him. Kat listens and hears nothing. She examines the the remains. They turn out to be dead dire rats and two partially eaten goblins. She believes that these small tunnels have been burrowed by dire rats. The party move forward to the door. It is a strong, steel door. On it, inscribed in a circular pattern are symbols for sunrise, sunset, a crescent moon, and a half moon. Kat searches the door for traps, but finds none. When she attempts to open the door, a trap is sprung shooting fire into her. After some experimentation, Thoven discovers that the symbols light up when they are touched while their name is spoken. He touches them each one at a time while Gilda speaks their names. When the last one lights up, they all light up. They hear a click and can feel the discharge of magic. They open the door to a strange sight. The room ahead appears to be a sunlit garden. In the middle of the garden is a fountain with a statue of a long haired, bearded man with his hands cupped before him. Water overflows from the hands. The party is hesitant to believe their eyes. Sienna tries to detect magic. She can sense that there are moderate auras of transmutation and conjuration emanating from the entire room. Thoven advances. He notices a slight soothing feeling come over him as he enters. He spends some time searching the room, but he finds nothing out of the ordinary. He examines the fountain more closely. The water appears to be clean. He dips his hand in to get a small taste of it. It tastes very pure. He cups his hands to get a drink of the water. His wounds suddenly heal. Seeing that there are no further areas to explore, the party conclude that this must be a secret place of healing dedicated to an ancient hybrid form of the nature god Eone. Gilda thanks them heartily for their help. She explains that she will spend some time here to investigate the shrine, but she believes it will be a place she can use.

Session 15

Satrillon 5-11
The party arrive in Endhome. They sell their loot and resupply.

Session 14
The Death of Chance

Satrillon 5 (cont.)

The party take the road back to Endhome. As they walk through the Duskmoon Hills, Chance’s condition rapidly deteriorates. They are ambushed by a small group of goblins who prove little more than an annoyance. It soon becomes obvious that there is no chance to make it to a healer before Chance changes to a vargouille. They try to talk to him, but he is unresponsive. They decide the best course of action is for them to use a spell to put him to sleep, then administer a quick and merciful death to the doomed rogue. They keep a small part of his body, in case they can discover a way to return him to life without him changing.

The party set about finding enough firewood to build a pyre. They want to give Chance a proper burial. Some kind of wolf follows Kat back to the pyre. The party have to fight it off before lighting the fire.

Kat, Sienna, and Regnar continue traveling back to Endhome.

Session 13
Kiss of the Vargouille

Satrillon 4

The party decide to rest in the kobold leader’s room. After 4 hours, a ghoul wanders toward them and attacks. Aided by a devastating charge by Kat, the party is able to down the creature before taking any damage. Using Thoven as a translator, the party decide to interrogate the kobold leader. They learn more about the surrounding caves from it. When they are through with questioning the creature, they have Chance slit its throat. They finish resting and move back into the large chamber with the lake. They explore the northern edge, heading east until they reach the place where the water flows out of the lake. They can see a glow coming from the southern shore of the lake. They can also hear a chittering sound coming from that direction. They circle back around and advance eastward on the southern shore. They encounter 3 fire beetles which they easily kill. They remove the beetles’ glands, knowing that they’re valuable. As they’re about to move on, Kat spots a small creature in the water watching them. It vanishes below the surface. The PCs continue exploring to the east of the large chamber. They find a room with a mermaid statue standing in a pool of water. They decide to leave it and continue on. They pass a small door off to the right and they decide to come back to it. They continue down the corridor and come to a small room with a pile of old leather armor. Chance goes in to search the room, but a vargouille comes out of a shadowy corner and attacks him. It lets loose a shriek. Chance is frozen in place as the rest of the party rush in to help. They kill the creature, but not before it approaches chance and kisses him on the lips. After a few moments chance is back to normal. The party head back down the corridor returning to the small door. They find the living quarters of Grimba, a gnome illusionist. They question him about what he’s seen in the dungeon. He tells them that he’s been to the level below, but that he doesn’t know much about it other than that there are orcs and goblins down there. They ask him about the fire beetle glands and if he has any use for them. He agrees to craft a tanglefoot bag for them if they give him the glands in return. He tells them to check back in a few days. Finally, they ask him about the vargouille. He consults some of his books on arcane lore for a few minutes then returns. He tells them that Chance will need help as soon as possible or he will turn into a vargouille himself. The PCs leave the dungeon immediately taking the road back to Endhome. As they travel, Chance’s transformation progresses rapidly.

Session 12
Kobold Battle #2

Faos 27 (cont.)

Kat continues to finish off sleeping kobolds. Thoven comes from behind the party and joins the fight. The remaining kobolds in the chamber ahead fire a few crossbow bolts, then they drop back out of sight. Thoven picks up a kobold, Chance ties it up. The party decides to leave the dungeon and return to a nearby campsite. There, they question the creature about what the kobolds are doing in the caves, who their leader is, and what lies in the surrounding caves. The kobold answers to the best of its ability. It draws the party a crude map. The PCs decide to head back to Endhome to stock up on healing potions and other supplies.

Faos 30

In Endhome, the heroes hear that the disappearances in the slums have greatly slowed. They also hear that trade is slowly getting back to normal now that the Greentree Bandits have been dealt with.

On the return trip to the lost city, the party are attacked by two hungry wolves. After a brief battle, the adventurers continue on their way.

Satrillon 4

The PCs arrive at the dungeon, but remember the unconscious kobold they left at their campsite. They decide to check on him. They travel back to the campsite, but find no sign of the creature. They return to the dungeon. They go to a ledge overlooking the large chamber near the area where they fought the kobolds. They decide to wait and watch. Nothing happens. They begin exploring the branches of cave passages near where they fought the kobolds. They come to a room with three alcoves, each with a large, smooth rock in it. After searching the room, Chance uncovers a red circle hidden under the dirt on the cave floor. Sienna casts a detection spell and discovers transmutation auras radiating from the stones. Thoven debates the party over whether or not to try to activate the magical stones. The party convince him to leave it be. They continue to explore up to the northwest. They come upon a cave whose floor is half covered with sand.
As the party begin to search the sand, they are surprised by small monstrous spiders hiding within. The spiders all bite at the characters, some delivering poison, but as they deal damage, Thoven’s aura makes them burst into flames.
The party attempt to sneak back to an area marked “shrine” on the kobold’s map, but Regnar is unable to keep quiet. 3 kobolds hear him and attack. As the party advance, they retreat to the north barking out an alarm. More kobolds advance from the north where the first ones retreated. Thoven tries to imitate the kobolds voices to cancel the alarm, but another kobold continues to call for help. Kat spots it hiding in a cave to the west. It appears to be their leader. More kobolds get into position in front of that one, and it drops two of the party temporarily with a sleep spell. Sienna steps forward and wakes up her allies. Kat and Regnar shoot at the kobolds to the north. Thoven has rushed the kobolds guarding the leader just as Sienna knocks them out with another sleep spell. Thoven kills the sleeping creatures to the west. He saves the leader for last, then attempts to strike it to knock it beyond sleep into unconsciousness, but his blow wakes the creature.

As it tries to rise, he strikes it again, then Sienna hits it with her crossbow. The already staggering creature falls to the floor, out cold. Thoven picks it up, then begins to carry it away as Kat and Regnar finish off the sleeping kobolds to the north.
Session 11
Dragon; Endhome; Kobolds

Faos 20th 11:00 AM

The party continue down a tunnel leading east. They come to a small chamber with the partially eaten remains of two dire wolves. Two corridors lead off from this room, one going north and one going northeast. Kat looks for tracks while the party looks around for any clues about what may live here. They see more acid marks, and Kat finds vaguely reptilian tracks. They listen for a moment and hear the snort and slight growl of what sounds like a predatory creature coming from the north. They decide to try and sneak up on whatever it is. They head north, moving quietly. From the dark corridor ahead comes a line of acid and the sight of a young black dragon. Kat and Sienna are both struck and badly injured. As some of the party help to heal these two, Chance fires an arrow at the dragon but misses. Regdar attempts to cast a fear spell at the creature, but it has no effect. The dragon lands and charges into the corridor biting Kat. Sienna casts a sleep spell at it, but it doesn’t have any effect. The dragon opens its mouth and shoots another line of acid at Kat and Sienna. Sienna is able to avoid it, but Kat suffers a direct hit and falls to the ground dead. The party run. Seeing that the acid had mostly eaten through her arm, Regdar pulls Kat’s hand free to take to the healer. The dragon pursues up to the stream, but no further.

The adventurers make their way out of the caves and begin the trip to Endhome. An hour into the journey, they are attacked by a small band of goblins. Both groups trade ranged attacks for some time. The PCs suffer wounds, but drop one of the goblins. Finally, Sienna puts all of them to sleep but one. An angry Regdar charges at them. The remaining goblin flees.

The party continue their journey. The first night, they make camp in the hills. At one point in the night, they hear the wings of what sounds like two large creatures flying by overhead. Whatever it was didn’t attack. The rest of the journey is uneventful.

Faos 23rd 1:00 PM

The party reach Endhome and head directly to the temple of the sun god. They give the priests Kat’s hand. They use it to raise her from the dead. The party spend several hours in the market selling their loot and restocking their supplies before retiring to the Black Sheep Inn for the night. As they discuss their plans in the tavern, a merchant overhears them talking about the Fool’s Pass. He tells them that there are rumors of a large red dragon being sighted in the Duskmoon hills and that only a fool would travel that road. The party spend the night there.

Faos 24th

The party awaken and begin their travel north on the Trader’s Way.

Faos 27th 1:00 PM
The party enter the caves of Barakus and explore a different cave leading to the north. They enter a large chamber with a small lake. They can see islands in it. They stand for a moment and listen. They hear a strange “chittering” noise to the east. They decide to head west. They come to the bottom of a ledge they had looked down from days ago. There is a corridor that leads to the northwest and branches north and west. They hear many voices in conversation coming from the north. Kat and Chance sneak forward to scout it out. Regdar, who is waiting back in the large cavern with Sienna, notices something odd in the rubble below the ledge. Upon closer examination, he recognizes the mostly buried skeletal remains of a cave bear. Meanwhile, Kat and Chance don’t get far before Kat steps into a tripwire that springs a net trap. It comes down on her, entangling her. Four kobolds hear this, come around a bend in the passageway from the north, and begin firing arrows. Chance does his best to hold them off while Kat tries to free herself from the net. The rest of the party also hear the trap being set off. They rush in to join the battle. Kat continues her struggle to free herself, but can’t get free. Chance begins cutting the net. The party manage to down a kobold or two before they retreat. Chance’s work at cutting the net allows Kat to finally break free. Regdar heads north, pursuing the retreating kobolds around the bend in the cave.

The narrow cave immediately opens up into a small chamber filled with 10 kobolds who all open fire on the dwarf. Regdar falls to the ground, dying. The kobolds pour into the corridor and open fire. Sienna is badly wounded, but heals herself with a potion. A couple of kobolds fall. Sienna casts a sleep spell putting several kobolds to sleep. The rest drop back again into the chamber they came from. The party begins finishing off the sleeping kobolds before them. Sienna comes forward and aims another sleep spell into the chamber putting most of these kobolds to sleep as well. The remaining creatures begin waking their sleeping comrades.

Session 10
Empty Caves; Drow Poison

Faos 20 cont.

In order to heal and replenish their spells, the party decide to find a safe place outside the caves to make camp and rest.

6:30 PM

The adventurers break camp and head back into the caves. They return to the area where they fought the ratmen. After spending some time exploring and searching for valuables, the party finds that many of the surrounding chambers were the living quarters of the slain ratmen. Chance finds a partially functional water clock in one room. Kat is interested in finding a way to remove the heavy device from the dungeon. The party decide to leave it for a later time. They make their way southeast. Kat stops to listen near an intersection in corridors ahead and hears movement. She and Chance sneak forward about 30 feet. They stop to listen again. After a moment, Chance can hear a rustling to the south and footsteps to the north. They motion for the rest of the party to join them, then head north. They attempt to move as stealthily as possible. As a medium chamber comes into view, two drow warriors catch the party by surprise. They at Kat with crossbows using alcoves in the cave walls as cover. One bolt misses, but the second pierces her armor. She feels woozy for a moment, then drops down to the cave floor unconscious. Sienna hits one of the drow with a magic missile then tries unsuccessfully to wake up Kat. More bolts miss the party. Regnar charges the wounded drow and finishes him off with a blow from his hammer. The second drow is hit by another magic missile and tries to escape past the party by casting darkness. Unable to see, Regnar charges to where he thinks the drow must be and swings his warhammer. It connects, dropping the dark elf. The party try unsuccessfully to awaken Kat. They spend about ten minutes waiting to see if there’s any change in her condition. When she continues to slumber, they decide to head back out of the dungeon to find a healer.

They leave the caves and begin traveling the road heading southeast. Four hours later, they cross the Oldrock River. Kat awakens and is completely fine after a few minutes. The party finds a safe place to spend the night.

Faos 20

The party arise early and make the journey back to Barakus.

11 AM

The PCs reach the caves and return to the intersection from where they first heard the drow. They head south this time. They come upon a chamber with a few dead gnolls scattered about the floor. Chance begins to search the room. He spots a dire rat hiding ahead. 6 dire rats spring out surrounding him. Two of them pierce him with their teeth before he gets back behind the front line of the party who is set up in the corridor. Meanwhile, Sienna manages to put two of the creatures to sleep. The rats rush after Chance and run into Kat and Regdar. The ranger and cleric take minor wounds, but are able to quickly dispatch the vermin. The party finishes off the sleeping rats, then chance finishes searching the room. He doesn’t find anything valuable, but Kat notices that the Gnolls were wounded and perhaps killed by acid.

Session 9
The Ratman Caves

Faos 20 9th Hour The party head through the passage to the north. They come to a medium sized chamber ending in a ledge. The floor drops off 20 ft. about halfway. They are uneasy about what will happen if they descend, so Thoven drags the toppled statue of Orcus from the room to the south and shoves it off the ledge. It hits the floor below with a loud crack. It shatters into pieces. They wait to see if anything happens, but nothing does. They decide to check for a safer direction to explore. They turn back to the south and go back to where they encountered the ghoul. From there, they head down a passageway leading east. The see an ogre up ahead sitting in a throne. He doesn’t see them, so the party readies themselves while Thoven advances to try and talk. The Ogre sees him approach and goes for his greatclub. The party attack and hit him with an arrow and a sleep spell. He drops to the floor, asleep. Thoven finishes him off. There are three corridors leading off from this room. One to the north, one to the east, and one to the south that appears to curve southeast. They take a moment to listen for any creatures ahead and they think they hear something from the southern passage. They decide to head that way. The passage winds southeast then curves to the east. As they make their way around the bend, they see that the passage opens into a small room ahead. They can see 3 creatures in the center of the room. They appear to be ratmen. They take a moment to listen and they hear them talking. It seems they are on guard duty and anxious to return back to some place where there are more of them. Katryx tries to switch with Thoven to take the lead. The rest of the party try to lose themselves against the shadows from the walls. Chance fails to stay out of the light and the Ratmen are alerted. The PCs quickly drop 2 of them, but the third makes a loud whistle signal, then dashes off down the corridor to the east. The party follows. The passage curves until it’s heading northeast. They see him warning someone before turning back around and drawing a scimitar. He is just past an intersection where there’re openings in the walls on the northwest and southeast before the passage continues to the northeast. He is quickly joined by several more ratmen from the northeast. They charge the PCs. As the two sides clash and trade blows, a second group of Ratmen appear from the east. They are led by a female Ratman who appears to be a spellcaster. They rush in to join their comrades and fill the gaps where some of the other ratmen had fallen. Meanwhile, the magic user aims a sleep spell at the party’s front line. The 3 PCs feel sleepy for a moment but are able to shrug it off and keep fighting. As the melee continues, the magic user places her rat familiar on the ground.

It rushes forward to attack Kat. He manages to bite her and the bite her, and the bite carries an electrical charge with it. Chance begins shooting at her with his short bow, but misses repeatedly. As another couple of ratmen fall, Thoven moves forward and sees a roomful of ratmen through the northwest corridor. One of them is obviously their leader. As they rush to join the battle, he yells out for another party member to close a gap in their line so they can bottleneck the new combatants. Regnar steps forward and plugs the hole. The ratman magic user, still uninjured despite Chance aiming several arrows at her, makes a move to join her companions in the northwest chamber. Thoven tries to stay close to her. Meanwhile, Sienna casts a sleep spell into the crowd of ratmen in the northwest room. Four of the ratmen fall asleep.

Some continue to meet the party in the corridor, some stop first to awaken their comrades. Regnar, Kat, and Thoven hold the line. The magic user ratman aims spells fist at Thoven then Chance, but misses both. Chance continues aiming at her with his bow and missing. Kat manages to kill the rat familiar that had been nipping at her. Regnar, who has been taking a beating, finally takes a wound that leaves him staggering and near unconsciousness. The ratman leader comes forward and attempts to tumble by Kat but he fails and the party catch him with a couple of blows. Thoven’s healing aura restores enough of Regnar’s health so that he is able to fully fight again. It’s not long until the ratman leader suffers another wound that leaves him disabled. Thoven moves into the room near the magic user. Sienna steps up and shoots a ray of frost at the ratman leader. It hits and injures the him just enough that he drops. The PCs pour into the room. In desperation, the magic user rushes at Thoven and bites and claws at him. Kat lands a solid blow on her. Another missile strikes her and she goes down.

The party take some time to thoroughly search the room. They find several valuables and a key.

Session 8
Entering Barakus

Faos 13 (cont.) The party is thanked by Gilda for their help in clearing the western forest of the bandits. She says she’s curious about some of the strange markings in the area that seem to point to a holy place. She offers to let the PCs rest at her home any time they want. They decide to head there on their way back to Endhome. On the way, they find a marker like the ones Gilda had spoken of. She is able to figure that the temple must lay to the north, where the river enters the forest. As they make their way east and south, they surprise a pair of large monstrous spiders but easily defeat them. They make it to Gilda’s home and spend the night in restful sleep.

Faos 14 The next day, the party awaken and travel to Endhome. They collect their reward from Constable Braggar Bondhome who is impressed with how quickly they took care of the bandit problem. They sell some of their loot, then get a room at the Trading Post. As they are relaxing in the tavern, they are approached by a woman named Penelope Barney. She is terribly upset over her lost husband Fenton, a sorcerer who went missing a year ago when he set out with fellow adventurers to explore Barakus. She says she has dreams of things she couldn’t possibly know or predict coming events. She dreams that Fenton is still alive in a dark place. She begs them to find him and offers a 50 gp reward. The party agree to check into it, and set off for the lost city the next morning.

Faos 15 They take the trader’s way north, stopping to rest on the way at Roadside Inn.

Faos 19 After 4 days of travel, the party near the entrance to the lost city. They decide to make camp and rest up before they make their approach.

Faos 20 They travel the short path up to the doorway. They see the tracks of small humanoids along the way. They enter and find a stairway leading up. On the way, they are attacked by two dire rats but kill them quickly without taking much damage. They enter a cave room with 15 foot high raised platforms along the walls. They spot something hiding up there. Thoven walks slowly through the room in an attempt to draw the thing out of hiding. A ghoul begins to leap off the platform at him. As it rises up, chance hits it with an arrow. It attempts to leap, but fails to land and falls prone. The party quickly finish it off before it rises again. They head through a corridor leading north and follow it to another chamber. Here, they see a large, crumbling statue of Orcus. They surprise an orc who had been sleeping in the northeast corner of the room. He rises and sics his war dogs on them. He beats on his chest while roaring ferociously. He appears to be getting himself into a state of berserk fury. Then he charges.

Thoven barely absorbs the orc’s mighty blow with his shield. As the two groups trade blows, Sienna casts a spell that puts the orc and one of his dogs to sleep. The heroes defeat the war dog that wasn’t put to sleep, then finish off the orc and the other dog while they sleep.


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